Hällefors Elkhound

Hällefors Elkhound (Hälleforshund) is a Swedish dog breed.


The breed was developed in Svealand, but its more detailed area of origin has been argued. It is stated that despite of its name, it was not created in Hällefors, but in Frederiksberg village located in neighboring Ludvika Municipality. It has mainly been used as a deer-hunting dog and its most remarkable ancestors are the Finnish Spitz and the Ostyak Laika. The Swedish Kennel Club, Svenska Kennelklubben, recognized the breed in 2000 and nowadays it is also recognized in several other Nordic countries, such as Finland and Norway.

Additional Info

  • Height: Male: 55–63 centimetres (22–25 in), Female: 52–60 centimetres (20–24 in)
  • Coat: Medium, thick, harsh and dense coat
  • Color: Yellow; with or without a mask
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