The Kanni alias Chippiparai is rare indigenous South Indian dog breed found in the state of Tamil Nadu. Native people in Tamilnadu also call it as "Vettai Naai"(hunting dog) introduced and dominantly used by Nayakar dynasty. It is used primarily for hunting hare, wild boar and deer. It is also used for guarding the home and farm. The Kanni is found in and around Tirunelveli, Pollachi, Kovilpatti, Kazhugumalai, Kileral, Kodangipatti, Sivakasi, Madurai , rajapalayam and its surroundings like thalavaipuram,mugavoor (villages) and thoothukudi. The Kanni is kept by families who do not sell them but may gift them if a promise is made to look after them well. They are not allowed to roam on the streets and are brought up as pet animals. The breed is now extremely rare, now a days most of the good specimens are owned by the village peoples .And is on the verge of extinction. Efforts to revive the breed have been taken up by group of enthusiasts in Tamilnadu by forming the Group in Facebook called kannidog and chippiparai dog the indian dog community.


Generally the breed is healthy. Though sturdy enough to cope within limited means and harsh weather conditions, the breed does suffer from cold weather. They have certain general health issues such as are: sensitivity to anesthesia and food allergies.

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