Burgos Pointer

A Burgos Pointer is a breed of dog native to Spain. Originating from Castile (historical region), especially in the province of Burgos, this hardy breed is used for hunting and has some outstanding features for small game.

History and origin of the breed

It is an ancient breed dating back to the 1500s and originating in the Castile (historical region), which is very widespread. It is very probable that the breed participated in the creation of other races of this group.The breed is believed to have descended from a mix of the Sabueso Español and the Pachon Navarra (also known as the Perros de Punta Ibericos).

Additional Info

  • Weight: 25kg - 30kg
  • Height: 59cm - 64cm
  • Coat: Short, Bushy and Smooth
  • Color: Brown/combined with brown/spottled
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