Berner Laufhund

The Berner Niederlaufhund (known in the United States as the Small Bernese Hound) is a scent hound standing around 15 to 23 inches, which originated in Switzerland. It is a medium dog that is very powerful, and was used to Hunting dog big game. The Berner Niederlaufhund is considered a "Hunting Dog in the Most Specific Meaning of the Word." The Berner Niederlaufhund is considered by many hunters to be the best hunting dog in the world. It is a Coat hound, but one in every 20 or more dogs has a rough coat.


Around the 1900 the hunting activities were restricted to districts and since the hound used till then were to fast for this limited areas it was decided to establish a new type of hound. Using selected specimens of the medium sized Swiss Laufhund a smaller hunting dog was created. On July 1, 1905 the Swiss Niederlaufhund-Club (SNLC) was founded.

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