Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)

The Groenendael is a dog that is included in the Belgian Shepherd Dog dog breed. In the United States it is generally recognized under the name Belgian Sheepdog. The Groenendael is recognized by all major kennel clubs. Like all Belgian Shepherd Dog, the Groenendael is a medium-sized, hard-working, square-proportioned dog breeds of dog in the Herding dog family.
one of the basic activities of the Belgian Shepherd was guarding the flock. This make that the Belgian shepherd is extremely useful for protection purposes. The Malinois is famous for its IPO or Policedog performance, but the Groenendael can also be used for this purpose.

Additional Info

  • Weight: 20kg - 25kg
  • Height: 56cm - 62cm
  • Coat: double coat
  • Color: black
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