The Chausie is a domestication breed of cat that was developed by breeding a few individuals from a nondomestic species (Felis chaus) to a far greater number of domestic cats (Cat). The Chausie was first recognized as a domestic breed by The International Cat Association (TICA). Within the domestic breeds, the Chausie is categorized as a nondomestic Hybrid (biology) source breed. Other domestic breeds in this category include the Bengal (cat) and the Savannah (cat). Because Chausies are mostly descended from domestic cats, by about the fourth generation they are fully fertile and completely domestic in temperament. They only look wild. Chausies should be tall, long, and lean, with very long legs and medium boning. The torso is deep-chested with flat sides. The ears are broad, tall, and set high on the head, about two fingers apart. The Zygomatic bone are striking—prominent, long, and angular—and the eyes are flattened on top and form a half oval below. The coat is short, and the cats can come in three colors: solid black, black grizzled tabby, and black (brown) ticked tabby. Gold or yellow eye color is preferred, though yellower and lighter shades of green are allowed.

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